6 Piece Desert Facial Care Set


6 Piece Desert Facial Care Set with optional Greeting

  • Easy travel or introductory set for healthy facial care
  • Morning and evening regime power packed with premium organic ingredients from the Sonoran Desert
  • Morning begins with Cactus Nectar Facial Hydrating Mist (anti-aging)*, Prickly Pear SPF30 Sunscreen*, and Lip Amplifier SPF15
  • Evening starts with Prickly Pear Castile Cleanser*, Jojoba Rejuvenating Oil* (excellent make up remover and moisturizer), Cactus Nectar Facial Hydrating Mist*, Prickly Pear Antioxidant Lotion*, and Lip Amplifier SPF15
  • Comes in waterproof, vinyl slide bag
  • *bottles are 1 oz

*Personalize it! Choose a standard greeting & add the person's name in the notes at checkout (up to 20 characters) and we'll add it to the card of your choice (available at checkout)

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