Creosote Infused Organic Jojoba Oil

  • Certified organic jojoba oil infused with wild-harvested creosote
  • Creosote is an ancient medicinal herb that is a healing antioxidant
  • Excellent moisturizer that quickly absorbs and accelerates healing of skin
  • Use sparingly to maintain healthy nails, hair, face and body
  • Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and rich in Vitamin E
  • Ingredients: certified organic Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), wild-harvested Larrea tridentata (Creosote leaf).

Customer Reviews

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Mary Jo M.
Trial size . . .

I ordered 2 bottles of the Creosote Sunscreen, which has this oil as its main ingredient, and the Creosote Lip Balm, and with that order I purchased a small bottle of the oil to try. A little goes a long way, even on hair, and as soon as I place my next order, I shall include a larger size. The creosote scent, which I love, is very strong and true in this oil. The oil is very helpful for any skin irritation.

Marilyn Dodd
Great Moisturizing Oil

I use SweetP’s creosote-infused jojoba oil every day on my face and body. In the winter months it is particularly helpful to guard against the adverse effects of dry weather on the skin. In addition to the medicinal benefits of creosote, it smells wonderful! I highly recommend this product!

Creosote jojoba oil

This oil is best for hydrating skin in a dry environment and the smells like the desert after the rain.

Beth Kloos
Creosote oil

My father had very dry skin. The creosote is amazing and he loves it!

Jan W.
...all that and stupendous service!

Paula may have to start selling this product, creosote-infused jojoba oil, by the quart, or the gallon. It's that good! - for everything. I use it on face, body, scalp and hair, and sometimes, when our Vermont winter bears down a bit too heavily, I just rub a bit into the palms of my hands, cup them around my face, and breathe deeply, giving myself an excellent aroma-therapy treatment. The natural scent of clean, sunny, rain-washed Sonoran desert is heaven. Yeah, all that and stupendous customer service. Wow. Thank you, Paula.

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