Prickly Pear Anti-Aging Set (Large) - 8 Piece


Large Prickly Pear Anti-Aging Set - 8 Piece

  • Complete day and night regime for radiant, fresh, protected skin
  • Prickly pear products protect skin from free radicals that cause wrinkles
  • Fresh wild-harvested prickly pear juice provides optimal cellular health
  • Easy, time efficient facial care with easy to follow directions
  • Set contains: Prickly Pear Castille Facial Cleanser* (4 oz), Deep cleansing make up removing Jojoba Oil (4 oz), hydrating hyaluronic Cactus Nectar Mist* (4 oz), Brown Sugar Scrub (4 oz),  skin tightening Prickly Pear Rejuvenating Serum (.35 oz), Prickly Pear Resveratrol Rejuvenating Creme (1 oz), Tinted Sunscreen (4 oz) + 4 oz Nopal ultra healing foot creme
  • Select Tinted Sunscreen in one of 5 skin tones; light buff, true beige, gold beige, warm beige, deep tan
  • Free of sulfates, phthalates, SLS, and parabens
  • Cruelty Free

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